Shortly after finding out my diagnosis, Patti and I took off for Dallas to meet with a doctor there who has a history of “building” the body up in strength to get ready for possible chemotherapy treatment.

Kinda made sense. Why poison the system, if you can first detox the body of any bad juju? Like that word? When I was a child, after Johnny Weismuller stopped swinging through the trees as Tarzan, he became big-game hunter Jungle Jim. JJ was always accompanied by a tribesman on the show who always warned him when bad things were up ahead by pointing in a direction and saying, “Bad juju!” JJ instinctively knew to find another way to avoid the juju.

Anyway, that aside, as Patti and I started our drive to Dallas, we planned out our hotel stops along the way.

Toward the end of one day, we decided we needed to stop, probably in Tulsa. Sure enough, we got to Tulsa about dusk, but all the freeways AND access roads were under construction. Juju all around us.

We decided to press on, thinking there would likely be a few hotels to choose from shortly after we left Tulsa.

Well, if you have ever taken the Turner Turnpike from Tulsa to Oklahoma City, you probably know that there are no, and I  mean NO hotels in that stretch of roughly 120 miles of bad road.

God has a sense of humor.

Nice to see a truck, but do you think there would be a hotel nearby? Heck no!