This week, Patti and I were in Houston visiting with the doctors there and discussing their recommended treatment plan for my cancer. They suggested 44 weeks of chemotherapy.

When I mentioned this to Pam, my next door neighbor at work, Pam did what Pam does so well — look at the numbers. She is a talented actuary who could not be a better neighbor. Here’s Pam’s take on the numbers:

I know it’s a lot to take in so here is my perspective….you know how numbers are my “thing”, let’s break down the 44 weeks…….
44 weeks equate to:
308 days
10.1538461538462 months
which is only
.846153846153847 of a year (DO-ABLE)
Not know how old you are, lets look at it another way. I am 46 years “YOUNG” (stressing the YOUNG).  This equates to 16,790 days, not including leap years, which would mean, the amount of time to complete the chemo would only be 1.834425253 % of my lifetime (VERY DO-ABLE) !!!
Hoping this brings a smile to your face.  As your neighbor, I will be with you for the ride!!!
In your spare time, I have attached a link with 44 fun facts about our 44 presidents ( you will have to copy and paste to your browser)

Pam is great with numbers. Unfortunately, I am not. Thank you, Pam