One of the first steps that Patti and I did after learning my diagnosis was beat a path to Dallas. Her brother has had some wonderful success overcoming melanoma by participating in holistic/alternative medicine practices and therapeutics.

We met with his doctor and discussed my case. Her recommendation was to take some time to build up the strength of the body so it would be ready when that dastardly chemotherapy had to coarse the poison through my veins and arteries and take on those bad juju cancer cells.

Made sense to me. Logical, sensible. I’m in.

I’m currently taking 40-50 nutritients, supplements and enzymes a day. The doc said that as I begin to build up my body, I will notice toxins being released through the lymphatic system and that was a good thing, indeed.

After a few days of getting these supplements under my belt, my daughter was up for a visit. I explained to her about the facets of this treatment. She seemed to really pay attention to what I was saying until right in the middle of the discussion, I passed gas, smiled and said “another release of toxins. That’s a good thing.”