When we had our second meeting with the pancreatic specialists at MD Anderson, they spelled out a suggested treatment plan. They suggested 44 weeks of chemotherapy with one session every two weeks. While they were quick to say that not all patients react the same to the chemo, some patients have little or no reaction, while others feel nausea, flu-like symptoms and occasional diarrhea, that was pretty much the extent of the impact FROM THEIR EXPERIENCE.

They said that I may experience some slight weight loss, but nothing dramatic.

And the capper? They said that most likely I would not lose my hair with this suggested chemo treatment protocol. Now most of you who know me are aware that I am, and have pretty much always been, follicly challenged. So I got quite the chuckle out of the irony of perhaps not losing the two or three hairs that I do have up on the head.

Here’s a recent reminder.