When I was a wee lad growing up in eastern New Mexico, if my mom had to repair a pair of jeans or a shirt because I had torn it playing outside, there was a standard ritual.

I would bring the damaged goods to her. She would get out her pin cushion in case a hem needed to be repaired, or a stitch made here or there on the garment. She had the same pin cushion as long as I can remember. It looked like a tomato, much like the picture here with this article. Funny thing, tho, I never remember my mom replacing that pin cushion. To this day, wandering through her house and looking at her sewing stuff, there would be the very same pin cushion.

Well, tomorrow, starts a different version of the pin cushion. Patti and I meet with two docs tomorrow. One is the oncologist who will oversee the chemo I will start next week. The other doctor is the ‘port’ doctor. He’s the guy who puts the port on my chest that makes it easier to administer the chemo without any negative effects to my skin tissue.

The other day when I met with the port doctor, he described the procedure and it reminded me of the ritual I used to take with my mom and a torn piece of clothing. Only this time, the port or pin cushion will be neatly placed on the right side of my chest and docs and nurses will use this port to more easily administer the chemo. Pin cushion or port, they both are a resting place for needles designed to repair or make something better.