When Patti and I first heard the diagnosis, we both had our different and respective “Oh, crap!” moments. Beside the initial reaction, we decided to give this disease a focal point, if you will. We decided that we needed some image to focus our energies.

We talked about it and came up with several visual images for consideration. Something that would be easy for us both to focus our energies. I had said that Linda Blair in “The Exorcist” was a good idea. Can’t get much better image of pure evil than the pea soup, the head turning and the vile language and images from that movie.

But we decided that was just a bit too strong. It’ not like this cancer is a two-headed hydra. Well, maybe it is! Any way, we needed something that was still evil incarnate, but was a tad more subtle. After some discussion, we decided on damien, the boy devil from the movie “The Omen.” And, after a few weeks now, we feel this is sticking. Many of you have responded in some way to the name of this evil disease. Some a bit coarse and strong, some much like us and are focusing on the evil this dastardly beast creates.

Either way, we’re in this to defeat this little bastard with every bit of positive energy we can muster.

To help you all with a visual image of how we look at damien, the attached picture will help you with the same focus we have.