Chrissy, you are right. This prayer says it so well:

Dear God, I ponder Jesus’ words. The purpose of asking, seeking and knocking through prayer is to refine my ability to request what You want to give most of all. The one blessing You do not give until I ask is the fullness of Your own indwelling Spirit. You surround me, protect me, watch over me arrange life’s circumstances for my good and growth; but You do not give the fullness of Your Spirit until I cry out for nothing less than an infusion of Your very life in me.
I know that You constantly are at work preparing me to realize that my deepest need is for the power of Your Spirit. I acknowledge that need now. Father, anoint my mind and heart with Your Spirit. I open myself completely. Grant me the strength, joy, peace and power of Your indwelling Spirit for the challenges of today. Imbue me with the wisdom, insight and understanding I will need for today’s problems.
Especially, fill me to overflowing with the gift of love. I think of particular people to whom I need to communicate love today. When I remember the sheer delight of being loved by You through another person, I want to love in the healing, helpful, hopeful way today.