It was the "mask"

When I was a child living in the desert of eastern New Mexico, Saturday morning TV was just loaded with westerns. There was ‘Fury — the story of a horse and the boy who loved him,’ ‘Sky King,’ ‘My Friend Flicka,’ ‘Roy Rogers,’ among many others. The entire Saturday morning was spent in PJs with a holstered toy gun on your side. When the bad guys would get close to the good guys, you pulled out your gun and shot the bad guy on TV and saved the hero.

But for some reason, I would never miss ‘The Lone Ranger.” Something about that masked man and his faithful Indian companion, Tonto, that just drew us kids closer to the B&W set.  Plus, having a beautiful white horse, Silver, didn’t hurt any either. And, whenever Tonto would alert the masked man to danger up ahead, he would always call him, “Kemo sabe.”

Only now after many years under my belt, when the announcer said his “faithful Indian companion,” do I really wonder what that really meant? Would Tonto and the LR petition for a gay marriage? I dunno.

Well, the other day Casey was coming for a visit from Austin to Dallas. She brought a care package. She had done her research about the impact of chemotherapy on the human body. So, for example, in her care package, Casey included several sets of very warm socks. She had heard that people taking chemo feel chills in their limbs. She also included cremes to offset the dry skin from chemo, and ginger to soothe digestive issues associated with taking the toxic substances internally.

The care package was fantastic, and I love her for her creativity and thoughtfulness.

But most of all, I have to thank her for the bag she gave that housed all the goodies. I hope you find it as amusing as I did.

With loved ones like Casey, that snotty little b****** damien doesn’t have a prayer. Enjoy!

Casey and the "chemosabe" bag -- what a hoot!

The new "chemosabe"