And there is the irreverent Derek at the tomb

In early October, shortly after Patti and I got my diagnosis, we met with a rather huffy oncologist in Chicago who seemed a bit unnerved that we would DARE to suggest we were going to get a second opinion from MD Anderson in Houston. How dare we do such a thing and bruise the poor guy’s ego?

Any way, on the way to Dallas, we drove through Springfield, Illinois, which I had wanted to visit since college. For my master’s thesis, I wrote about a Civil War reporter, George Alfred Townsend, and his coverage of Lincoln’s assassination and the trial of the Lincoln conspirators. During my research days, I studied quite a bit about the assassination, the hunt for John Wilkes Booth (which Townsend covered) and the roundup and trial of the conspirators.

I understand Robert Redford recently made a movie of this event in our history.

So, since we were going through Springfield, Patti and I decided to take a brief detour and see Lincoln’s grave. It is truly a stunning monument to our 16th president, set in a quiet graveyard off the beaten path of downtown Springfield.

If you have the chance to go to Lincoln’s tomb, do so. It will be inspiring to you. Here are a few photos of the visit to Lincoln’s tomb. These were taken on the way to Texas and I’m just getting around to posting them now.

Truly, our most remarkable president.

Lincoln's tomb in Springfield, Illinois

And this is my favorite photo from the visit to Lincoln's tomb