Last night, I physically and mentally stepped out in faith.

With our commitment to fight damien from the perspective of faith, humor, holistic medicine and conventional medicine, last night was the time to put faith in faith.

There are a variety of ways of getting anointed

A pastor that Patti and her brother, Bill, have known since childhood performed an anointment on me to invoke God’s healing powers to help me overcome the cancer. The ceremony is very biblical in nature, and for that I was extremely gratified.

In preparation for the anointment, Pastor Serns suggested I read James chapter 5. He also suggested another reading, and that I give some thought to any unresolved conflicts I may have had with others throughout my life. Whoa! Now, that’s a tall order! Not reading James, or the other reading, but the unresolved conflicts; that’s monumental.

While I took some quiet time to study James 5 and the other reading, all the time there was that nagging notion of how best to resolve some of these conflicts. After some deep prayer, I came up with my list. Perhaps not as many as some people may have, but maybe more than others. It’s not a competition, really. Either way, they are mine and I own them.

I resolved the best way I could reach each of these people and ask their forgiveness. It was an extremely therapeutic exercise, and I am so completely glad I did it. It was like freeing a bird that had been in a small cage too long.

When the pastor and his elders visited, we started with prayer. Pastor Serns asked if I had some lessons that I had learned from my “homework” assignment. I mentioned that the portion of James 5 where James talks about the importance of having patience really struck a nerve. Whatever our wants, needs or desires may be, it is ludicrous to ask God to provide them on “our” time, but on His time.

Then, each of the witnesses provided a comment or two, if they wished, about the importance of God’s healing powers. We had some additional prayers, the pastor anointed my forehead with oil, and the anointment was complete.

Do I feel better for having gone through this exercise? You betcha. Was it freeing? Absolutely! Does it help me feel a better connection between faith in a God that heals and my illness? Of course. It was a very solemn exercise and I was comforted by the entire event.

Thank you, Pastor Serns, and to your elders, for surrounding us in your prayers and requests for the healing powers of our Lord.