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Derek and Patti, I was lead to this book while looking up another subject. It’s about the discovery that connecting ourselves to the free electrons in the earth will quickly and easily neutralize inflamation and chronic conditions in our bodies. Easy to read and makes a lot of sense to me. I’m excited to test soon and see if I have many of the study and testimonial results.
Better sleep and more energy
Freedom from joint pain
Lower blood pressure, etc.,

Page 65 overview
Cancer:  Inflammation contributes to free radicals, tumor growth and inhibits the body’s defense against abnormal cells.

Also cited are relief from pretty much any condition that is associated with inflamation: allergies, IBS, MS, chronic fatigue, improvements with autism, etc.
The studies/testimony evidence both in the book and online reviews are very positive.
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Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever? [Paperback]

Clinton Ober (Author)

(Author), Stephen T. Sinatra (Author), Martin Zucker

Martin Zucker (Author)


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