Folks, I am sorry that it has been a couple weeks or so since the last posting.  Setting up the house in Dallas, paying attention to the Christmas holiday and other odds and ends shifted my priorities just a tad. My apologies to you, loyal readers.

I will be more attentive going forward. Thank you for your patience and attention. Onward and upward.

When I was a college student at Southwest Texas State University, I studied journalism and German. I was fortunate the summer between my junior and senior years to travel to Europe for the summer. I had a youth hostel card and a Eurail pass. I had a very small backpack that carried two pair of underwear, two pairs of jeans and two shirts. That was all I had for three months of travel.

I also kept a journal that my girlfriend, Barbara, gave me to record my sights and impressions of the things I saw while I was there.

At the end of each day, the last sentence I wrote for each entry was as follows: Das ist alles fuer heute, which means that is everything for today. Ever since I started this blog some weeks ago, whenever I finish a post, I have this urge to end the post with “Das ist alles fuer heute.”

Over the next few postings I will bring you up to speed on the latest goings on with our battle with cancer. Haben sie alle eine glucklickes Neues Jahr.