When the kids were small, we would watch Christmas movies after they got out of school and before Christmas Day. For the most part, Christmas Vacation was our favorite. The antics of the Griswold family trying to celebrate the holiday brought loads of laughs to us. Each of us found something about the movie that caused us to laugh out loud.

Within the past few years, my favorite Christmas movie is Love Actually, a British import with mostly British stars in it. If you have not seen it, it has Hugh Grant as the prime minister, Liam Neeson as a recently widowed stepfather trying to make his stepson’s wish come true, a young Brit’s desire to visit America at Christmastime so he could score with American girls, the prime minister’s sister who discovers her husband is playing around, the lonely office worker who is so dedicated to the needs of her mentally challenged brother that she avoids all emotional connections, the friend of a recently married couple who is in love with the bride, the porn stand-in couple. There may be another segment or two that I am missing.

As we watch this movie, we all discuss our favorite segments. Casey’s favorite segment is the Liam Neeson story; not surprisingly, JD finds the young Brit coming to America to score with American girls “inspirational.” Patti also likes the Liam Neeson story. Me, I get a hoot out of Hugh Grant as the PM, dancing on the stairs and halls of #10 Downing Street and then knocking on door after door looking for his sweetheart.

But my favorite segment involves Colin Firth as an English novelist who falls in love with a Portuguese maid with whom he struggles to communicate. It has a tiny touch of the Gift of the Magi by O Henry to it because when they separate during part of the story, he tries to learn Portuguese and, unknown to him, she learns English. When he proposes to her, my heart just races. So romantic. Great story.

Do you have a favorite Christmas movie?