My friend, Paul, years ago introduced me to consulting. I had been doing public relations for a nuclear power plant (how’s that for an oxymoron … sotospeak?) and Paul persuaded me that moving from a small town in Texas to Houston to take up consulting was a worthwhile career move.

We’ve stayed in touch for the 27 years since that happened. So, when I shared my news of the cancer with him, Paul took an approach that both of us would understand. No comforting words, no encouragement, just a subtle tribute that the two of us “would get” and enjoy together. It’s a common perception that folks who go through chemotherapy lose their hair. That has special meaning to Paul and me. You see, both Paul and I are similarly follicly challenged. It would be a toss of the coin to determine which of us has fewer hairs on the pate.

So when my buddy sent this well-received present, I mugged for the camera with my new do. And, a few of us had great fun mugging for the camera. I will share with you some of the pictures. My apologies if any of the pictures give you the impression that I could qualify for pedofile of the year while in this do.

I would like to think that when I go through chemo, my hair will do the reverse and grow ferociously — a bald man’s dream!

I had told Paul that I would hold off showing pictures of the gift until I go through chemo, but, thankfully, we’re still not sure when that will start. I continue to be asymptomatic — no pain, no discomfort. So, rather than make my friend, Paul, wait for the picture during chemo, here are the pictures.

Thank you, Paul, for the gift of laughter. Enjoy Hilton Head, my friend!

Before Paul's Gift

After Paul's Gift

Paul's Gift -- the Ozzy Osbourne version!