I thank you all for your prayers. Seems like they are working.

Yesterday, I had a CT scan and a blood test to determine my cancer markers. Today, Patti and I met with the oncologist and got the results. Seems the liver is functioning at 100%, perfect. Also, there is a marker c19, which is a pancreas marker to determine whether the tumors are growing or not.

As the doc told us, most of his pancreatic patients have c19 markers that measure “in the thousands,” and mine are at 212, even though normal is roughly 50. He mentioned that the 212 number is something to watch and be vigilant about, but it is not an immediate cause for concern.

The best news I had all day was when the doc said, “I’ll see you in a month. Keep doin’ what you’re doin’. It’s working.”

As my Canadian friend, canoe-boy John, says, “It was probably the maple cookies and the maple leaf PJs.”

Thank you, Lord, for your generous touch.