First, I apologize for not keeping posts regular and timely. Patti and I figured that as of the 25th of January and we’ve been at the house in Dallas perhaps five days all month.

Traveling to look after ailing parents can take time, travel and is disruptive to a routine, whatever routine a person has.

But there is good news to share. As I mentioned in an earlier post, in early January I had a blood test and CT scan. When I met with the oncologist, he mentioned that the blood test showed that some of the cancer markers reflected a stagnation in the growth of some tumor cells. Of course, there was a cell or two that showed some small growth, but in his opinion, it was not alarming nor indicative of a decision to move forward with chemotherapy.

My treatments from October through today have consisted largely of homeopathic treatments. I have a personalized treatment plan that focuses on the nutrient/supplement needs of my body. I am also having frequency treatments and laser detoxification treatments. I’m sure it sounds like voodoo or mumbo jumbo.

And, I am taking one particular supplement that is concentrated broccoli, garlic, cauliflower and other vegetables. One pill amounts to eating 5 pounds of broccoli a day. I take 24 over the course of the day.

And, something appears to be working. Last Friday, I had an evaluation with my homeopathic doctor and the markers she uses to discuss my progress, too, show a decline in the growth of the tumors.

So whether, you consider conventional medicine or holistic medicine to be your rote, I believe the best way to proceed is to have these two vastly different and, at times, conflicting methodologies working together. But these two together fall under God’s plan and his promise to help us prosper and to have a future.

While, this is not a Michael Douglas declaration, “My tumor is gone!”, it is sign of movement in the right direction.