A few minutes ago, I posted some thoughts about the snowy day we are having here in Dallas today.

While drafting that post, I had another thought. And, frankly, putting together some thoughts to share with others is more fun that building a fire in the fireplace or trying to get the damn dog to do her thing outside.

On a day like today, I cherish the bear-like imposed hibernation away from things frenzied and hectic. Earlier this morning, I found it very gratifying to see the cars out on the road slowly making progress to their destination, not hurrying and scurrying along pell mell. I don’t mean to lecture, but we should probably all slow down a bit, and it is good to look at our surroundings when snow happens and changes our view. I believe this is something to celebrate and not view as a distraction.

Of course, I’m not on a plane today trying to get home to loved ones, either. Everything is relative.

A day like today reminds me of a book I read quite a few years ago. Stephen King‘s book “Misery” was a wonderful read. If you have not read the book, or seen the movie with James Caan and Kathy Bates, I recommend it.

The story revolves around a novelist who has an accident on an icy, slippery road. His car falls off the edge of the road, where the car is hard to see. His legs are badly maimed and he is rescued by a reclusive woman. She is off her rocker, and just happens to be a real fan of the writer. The rest of the book is about how this injured writer can get away from the demented fan.

The most refreshing aspect of this book, I believe, is that it is not a typical Stephen King novel. No aliens. No creatures stealing your thoughts or memories. No bad things happening to children. It is just good, old-fashioned suspense. Yes, the female character is a couple of marbles short of a full bag, but the interaction between the writer and the fan and the direction King takes with the novel is captivating. Very creative and imaginative. Plus it starts in the snowy winter, just like today.

I hope you enjoy the day, regardless if you are challenged by the weather, or if you are in a position to see it unfold before you and enjoy the rhapsodic melodies of spirited winds blow snowflakes around you.