Ask most people where their inspiration comes from, and you are likely to hear a number of answers. The Lord, family, friends are among the most common answers.

For the most part of my adult life, my inspiration has come from children. Sure, my own served in this capacity on numerous occasions, as any person’s children would naturally serve.


Buzz and the 'grownup' Woody

When Casey graduated from college, with a degree in Journalism and Communications, she took a job as a nanny for two young boys while looking for her entry-level Communications position.  She cared for these two guys for over a year, and over this period, we heard all sorts of stories about Kaedon and Brady. We got the point where we felt like they were part of OUR family because Casey’s stories showed us exactly how boys will be boys.


This is a typical story. Kaedon is 3 and just yesterday he was playing with his Toy Story toys, Buzz Lightyear and Woody. Kaedon said, “Give me the damn toy.” Nearby, his mom, Jess, heard him and said, “What?”

Without skipping a beat, Kaedon replied, “Mom, Woody said that and he’s a grownup.” Jess responded, “Oh, dear!”

I wish I had thought of that when I was his age.