Write a blog and you find out all kinds of things about the world around you.

Yesterday, I wrote a posting about comic strips and how interest in specific strips tends to follow us as we age. Among the strips that I have dearly loved over the years is Bloom County. Who would have ever thought that a strip about a penguin, a schizophrenic, drug-addled cat and various and sundry other tawdry characters would garner such a following?

Well, after I posted the comic strip entry, good friends Wendell and Cheri, who live in the D.C. suburbs sent me the following picture. As Wendell says, “We are such big fans of Bloom County and its creator, Berkeley Breathed, that we named our son after him.”

The picture below is of Wendell and Cheri’s son, Berkeley, with Bloom County creator, Berkeley Breathed, at a book signing where the two had the opportunity to meet.

Small world, eh?

Berkeley and Berkeley