Hoss and Papa -- he's a load

Today, I’d like to introduce you to a couple of really wonderful guys. They are my grandsons; sons of my oldest daughter, Carrie, and her husband, Chas.

They live in Austin.

The oldest is Carter. He has that Samson look — longish curly hair. He’s a dreamboat and will break a lot of hearts someday. He likes to be active and to be read to at nap time. Whenever I get the opportunity to visit with Carter, I get tired quickly because he keeps himself very busy. From what I can see, he’s a real fan of the characters from Toy Story. Whenever he says the word “yes,” it tends to come out as “Yesh.” Okay, I’m probably a bit partial, but for Carter, I think Yesh works better for him.

Also, Carter is the guy of a thousand faces. He can melt your heart just by looking at you. At times, when he scrunches up his nose, he looks exactly like his Aunt Katie.

Last November, Carrie and Chas were blessed with their second son, Henry.  He was a whopper, 9 pounder at birth. Consequently, I call him “Hoss.” He smiles a lot, particularly when his Mom gives him a pony ride on her lap. As fair as Carter is, Hoss has darker hair and a smile and laugh that goes on forever.

Here are a few pictures of Carter and Hoss.  When it rains up here in Dallas, all I have to do is think of Carter and Hoss, whether it is still raining or not, my disposition turns sunny. And that’s the way all grandchildren should be.

Carter likes his watermelon ... warm.

At the Austin rodeo, a friend of the family let Carter pet a cow. He didn't seem scared or worried about what the cow might do. All you need is a lasso, buckaroo!

Chas helped Carter go for a ride on Trigger. At first, he wasn't so sure about the ride, but after the horse began to move, Carter thought this ride was pretty dad gum cool. Just remember, Carrie, "Don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys!"

Carter enjoys rodeo food, a corn dog, with his mom, Carrie, as they take a break from the excitement at the rodeo.


Hoss, and he is one, too