Yipi-ki-yay — I voted

Since today was Election Day, Patti and I strolled down through Buda to the one polling place in the town — City Hall. There were eight polling booths. The whole process took us an hour.

No big deal, right? Right.

But last night, I sent a message to some friends in Ohio. Patti and I lived there for 16 years, so we have some very good friends there. I basically was curious. Since all the news sites and TV stations seem to acknowledge that there is really only one state in the Union (Ohio), I wanted to know how the onslaught affected my friends. Here is the message I sent them:

Guys, I have to say that it appears on the news there is really only ONE state in the Union and it’s Ohio.

So, I have to ask: With BHO and Romney flip flopping through Ohio at such a feverish pace, how many times have you shaken hands or had your pictures taken with either of these presidential candidates.
Down here in Texas, there has been absolutely NO advertising for presidency by either side. It has been staggering the dearth of advertising.
I hope you guys have a great week.

After all, it appears that the two candidates really didm’t go anywhere but there. My friends live near Cleveland and its environs. Here is what they told me:


It’s been great.  I went to Denny’s the other morning.  Romney greated me and took my order which was a surprise.  Ryan came by later, shook my hand and picked up my dishes which was nice.  I did get a little nervous though when I went to pay, and Obama was at the cash register.  I gave him my check and he said I looked like somebody who could give a little more to help those less fortunate folks who were making a little bit less!
Hope all is well.
I got Obama to help me get some of the leaves from the back out to the curb while Michelle walked my dog. Romney never came around but I did get to run a marathon in 1 hour and six minutes with Ryan (well at least that was the time he gave me to use from his watch).
The ads have been constant, annoying, childish and boring all at the same time. This has been going on since August. And, because these two are going at it so relentlessly, so are all the other lower office holders and wanna-bees. We will get six to eight 30 second ads in a row at every commercial break and then one for dog food or shampoo. This is happening all day long — even on the “off channels” on cable. Good God, I even saw them on the BBC network when trying to watch Top Gear. At this point I’M SICK TO DEATH OF IT ALL!!!
Right now — free speech and democracy SUCK!
I’m so frustrated with all this crap that I wrote in TomH and I as candidates.  I think we have a good chance I hope we can count on your vote.  Free beer to the masses is one of the planks in our campaign.  Don’t let us down.  You will be definitely be in our cabinet (liqueur).
Well, that pretty much kinda sums up the country, doesn’t it?