Susan Vento

Susan Vento

Occasionally, I see the stories of other cancer victims and how they are dealing with, or surviving, cancer, and feel they are inspiring for other people. Certainly, other people who are suffering through their cancer, or the cancer of a loved one.

Meet Susan.

In late 2000, her husband, Bruce, a U.S. Congressman, was diagnosed with pleural mesothelioma, a very rare cancer caused by asbestos exposure. Her memory of her husband is what inspires her to do the work she does today. She is the spokesperson for the Asbestos Cancer Victims’ Rights Campaign (ACVRC), a national campaign dedicated to protecting the rights of cancer victims and their families.

As an activist, Susan works hard to inspire hope among all cancer victims. Please go to Susan’s website, You can read her inspiring story and see more about the hard work she is doing to help cancer victims, regardless of the nature of the disease. There is also more information about ACVRC as well.

As most of you know, this blog,, is primarily about my family’s fight against pancreatic cancer. I never capitalize damien’s name, because I don’t want to give that devil any respect. My diagnosis of stage four pancreatic cancer just passed the three-year mark. I truly feel I am here still enjoying family and friends because of God’s blessings. And, I am thankful to God for the blessing of time he has given us.

Read Susan’s beautiful story. With all the turbulence in the world, we can all use a little bit of inspiration whenever and however it comes.

God bless you all.