Ernestine is a close friend who has lived in Chicago for many years. With all the cold weather that Chicago has experienced this past week (we’ve seen the TV images of cars stalled on the major thoroughfare, Lake Shore Drive) and the blizzard-like conditions that have stalled the city for several days, it is refreshing to see the beauty that accompanies the cold.

These views are from Ernestine’s condo, which has a beautiful location in Chicago. She is diagonal to the Drake Hotel, on Lake Shore Drive, looking east over the city’s North Beach and Lake Michigan.

As she says, the ice had to be really smooth to get the mirror-like images of the lake and sky. For a lake as large as Lake Michigan, and for the water to be frozen so smoothly, it truly is amazing.

Thank you, Ernestine, for these wonderful pictures.


Hard to tell where the land/lake end and the sky begins












View of North Beach, Lake Michigan's smooth ice and the mirror-like reflection in the sky