My brother-in-law, Jim, has a great sense of humor. For awhile before he introduced me to his sister, Patti, we lived with another guy in South Texas. He and our other roommate, Richard, are engineers. Jim is in Montana, swatting at grizzlies when he’s not engineering. Richard is in Ft. Worth, restoring classic cars when he’s not engineering.

To this day, we continue to share good stories and jokes when they come up. What follows below is a recent entry from Jim. Thanks, Jim, for the day’s humor.

Apparently, TSA has issued an airport calendar for 2011. Of course, they won’t reveal the real identities of these noted violators.

And, of course, if you need a health exam but can’t afford one, go to the airport. There, you can get an X-ray, a breast exam and if you mention Al Qaeda, you can get a spiffy colonoscopy.