Today, Patti and Casey convinced me to try something I have never done in my life — have a manicure and a pedicure.

I think I fell asleep here

I know, fellas, there is terrible risk in admitting this. My buds who are full of manly deeds will look upon this as a defection to the feminine side. Au contraire.

Outside of having a massage, this was such a completely relaxing exercise, I kick myself for having not done this ever before. And this is despite Patti’s repeated pleas in the past many years to join her. Just didn’t seem manly enough for me! Not gonna do that. Patti, if you want to give me a manicure or a pedicure in the quiet, safe, darkest room of the house (with no windows), that is OK by me. But to have someone ELSE do that (touch my feet), no flippin’ way.

Well, maybe it’s the cancer, but today I decided to just drop the testosterone-laden objection and see for myself.

I’m a convert. Having the relaxing massage chair going while the attendant was taking care of my feet first and then my hands, while this miraculous chair was doing its thing to my back, well when this episode was complete, I was about as close to Silly Putty as a guy can get. I was so thoroughly relaxed, I wondered why I had put up such stupid infantile objections to having this done in the past.

Guys, I can tell you there is nothing pansy or wussy about having a manicure or a pedicure, particularly with the stressful environments we all experience.

Thank you, Patti and Casey, for introducing me to one of life’s simple pleasures.